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The feeling of loneliness is one of great tragedy. One of the most common statements heard in counseling is one of being alone. Often times persons that are lonely will unwillingly tell others of their feeling. This is done through social media, email, text message, but very rarely in person. Inside each of us is a persona that we keep hidden, and one that we make public. Many people hide their true emotions and feeling in what I have termed the false facade. A false facade is one where we present the image that everything if fine and we’re doing well. One of my facades is not allowing people to see the chronic pain that I’m in. I present the image and tell people that everything’s good, but each day I have pain that impacts my daily life. 
However, what I do not do is allow it to impact my spirit and outlook on life. And that is the difference between someone that feels abandoned and lonely. They have allowed their circumstance or situation to take over and steal the life that God has given. I’ll be honest it can be easy to do. One thing that I’ve learned in my life is that no matter what I endure in this life that I’m never truly alone. It is just a lie that our enemy tells us. Ever since the Garden of Eden, Satan has tried to separate man from God. It is his goal. It is my belief that he accomplishes this when we buy into the fact that we are alone. 
God tells Joshua after becoming the new leader of Israel that wherever he went to be strong, he courageous as he would be there with him every step of the way. We can find peace in knowing that this also applies to each of God’s children. Wherever we go, whatever we face, God will always be there (Joshua 1:9).
There are many reasons why people feel lonely or abandoned and in the counseling room we explore those and try to rebuild a sense of who God says you are and try to help the person(s) see that they can encounter struggles in life but hold onto the goodness of God and his word. 
So today, I’d like to encourage you to understand that you aren’t alone. God is there, and he has placed people in your life to help you in this time. If you need help please make a call to your pastor, to a friend or family member. If you’d like counseling and would like to make an appointment please reply via email or call 615-821-0100.



Jeff and his wife Brenda have been married for 28 years and are part time missionaries in the nation of Mexico and in town of Matamoros, Mexico. They both attend Generation Changers church, in Nashville, Tennessee. Jeff is a licensed minister and pastoral counselor. He has spent the past several years of his life dedicated to ministering to and the counseling of those facing addiction. He also counsels and meets weekly with the families of those in addiction. His pursuits are to help set those struggling free with the love and message of Jesus Christ.

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