Jeff is an ordained minister, small group leader, and Pastoral and Christian counselor. He and his wife Brenda have been married 28 years. The happy couple reside in Nashville, Tennessee.  They serve the lord together as part time missionaries to the Nation of Mexico, and city of Matamoros. Their home church is  Generation Changers  in Nashville, Tennessee.

Jeff received his Master’s degree in Christian Ministries in 2014 from Liberty University Jeff’s primary calling is to minister to the lost and broken in the world; counseling those in addiction and their families. He has several years of experience in counseling those in addiction and other life dominating issues at Nashville Rescue Mission and at his local church.

Brenda and Jeff lead a small group called FAITH, that focuses on how to live out a life of faithfulness and learning to increase our faith through prayer, devotional reading and study, and by serving others in God’s kingdom.

Jeff is also a retired Metro Nashville Police Officer and current Instructor at Remington College where he teaches future Criminal Justice professionals to go out and make a difference.

In his spare time, Jeff, likes to build birdhouses, build wood projects, and when the opportunity presents itself go fishing on Old Hickory lake searching for the large bass of the lake.


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  1. Hi Jeff. Thanks for following my blog. I love the ministry you do for His glory, and glad to see you also serve in a complicated country such as México. I am from Spain and my wife is from México, so I am familiar with the situation there. Looking forward to read your posts. May the Lord bless you and your ministry.


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