Today’s Devotion

Have you ever considered that today you are not the same person that you were yesterday. The simple reason why is life’s experiences that we face each and every day. One of the hardest things to help people work through in Counseling is forgiveness. Things happen and we make bad choices and can be a tendency to get stuck in a cycle where you can never move forward.

At times it can be difficult to move past the past. There are many reasons for this: guilt, shame, regret, anger, etc. Many of these are a sign of wanting to change the past. The reality is that we really cannot go back in time to change the past. However, we can make new choices and decisions to help us move on into the future.

The apostle Paul’s life is a great example of moving on from the past. As Saul he became a persecutor of believers. And in the twinkling of an eye he was changed by God. Paul goes on to write in Philippians 3:1-14, about his former way of life and that he made the choice to receive what God had given him forgetting his past and embracing his future with Christ. It was because of God’s grace that Saul the Paul that went on to become a great minister of that same grace to others and nations.

If we can make the choice to accept that same grace and embrace that we too are a new creation in Christ saved for a greater purpose of sharing the love and message of Jesus then I think we can move on from the past and live a life more pleasing to God and to those we find our in our lives (2nd Corinthians 5:17-21).

So today, if you need help in moving on from the past and into the future begin by seeking the Lord. He alone is the author of true change. It is all his grace in our lives that helps us to change. Seek out a mature spiritual guide to help you find how Christ can change you and how the gospel of Christ is a crucial component in that change.

We can live the life that God intends but we will never achieve it if we aren’t growing and moving on up to what God wants us to be.

Remember that God loves you and that Brenda and I do too.


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